Take Your Business Seriously

Take Your Business Seriously is part of an ongoing collection of thoughts on Life As A Solopreneur.

In the early 2000’s, Darren Rowse was unemployed and trying to find a way to make a living online without much success. He was really taken by the opportunity to earn his income as a blogger. After some time, he and his wife discussed the issue and came to the conclusion that for the next three months he would make every effort to make his blogs profitable. If at the end of three months, he was not making a living, he would get a “real” job.

He was successful with his two main websites, Digital Photography School and Problogger. In fact, he is wildly successful. Those two sites are consistently ranked at the top in their respective niches. What was the key to his amazing success?

“My blogging business became successful when I began to treat it as a business.” – Darren Rowse

There is the formula for success! Treat your home-based business like a business.

It is easy to work from home. Sadly, it is easier to not work from home. There is always the temptation to engage in other activities during the day and simply “play” at business rather than really work the business for all your worth. In previous years, this has been something I have struggled with.

It is essential to take your business seriously. After all, it is your business! No one else will do it for you. And as a solopreneur, you are the whole company. There is no backup.

What does it take?

I believe it takes five primary elements:

  1.  Vision,
  2. A Compelling Vision,
  3.  A Solid Plan,
  4.  Well-Defined Structure,
  5. A Lot Of Discipline,
  6. Some Very Hard Work.

Each of these subjects could be a stand-alone series. I want to look at each of them separately in the coming weeks. Achieving success as a solopreneur is challenging, but not impossible. You must take your business seriously. After all, it is your business!

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