Persistence Pays Dividends

Persistence Pays Dividends

“It’s so simple — some people are born with this trait while others need to learn it. Starting something risky often means getting told ‘no’ countless times. The natural instinct is to stop trying and move on to something that is easier.”  – Robby Hill

As the series 9 Habits For Home Business Success, today’s post is Persistence Pays Dividends.

Working from home is sometimes like a shiny trinket. It is enticing and romantic. Then the reality sets in. That is where persistence or perseverance becomes a necessity. It can be a long hard slog on the highway to success. There are parts of the road that are washed out. And then there are all those potholes.

Once you have started doing whatever it is that you do and you hit some roadblocks, you are like, “Oh, this is harder than I thought. Maybe I should go chase something new and shiny.” Everyone’s looking for the next thing because the current thing looks like work.

I am going to take a slightly different take on this one and say, your persistence should be up front before you necessarily jump in. Now, I know there is all this advice. “Jump and the net will appear.” “Fail fast.” All this stuff. But if you are persistent up front; and that is really a matter of research, critical thinking, looking at various scenarios where things could go wrong, scenarios where things could be hard, and contemplating, up front perhaps, how you might route around that stuff.

This all relates to one of my favorite quotes, which is from Albert Einstein. He said, “It’s not that I’m so smart. It’s just that I stay with the problem longer.” That is it. Stay with the problem. Whatever intelligence or talent you have, it wouldn’t work without the application of that persistent staying with the problem. Then when you start, you tend to have adequately surmised what the obstacles are and how to get through them without giving up.

It is only when you face something hard that you did not think of at all. Sometimes that happens, but if you can cut that down without never starting a given project which is the opposite problem. Other people think about it so long and they never do it. You have got to find that point where you’re going to go ahead. I think a lot of people do not put enough work in up front.

The key to persistence is to prepare properly in advance; do the due diligence. This will spare you a lot of grief. Then make a good decision; either go or no go. If you do go ahead, stick with it and see it through to the end. Persist until you succeed!

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