Organize Your Home Business

Being organized is a critical aspect to success in any business, but it is acute when operating a home business.When working from home, the line between our business and personal affairs is often blurred. Let’s take a look into a few essentials you can do to organize your home business.

If you have clients into your home business office, the visual aspect of your office may leave a lasting first impression. Make sure you keep your office looking professional. Having a clean, organized looking office can be a tipping point in gaining the prized potential client.

It is much more difficult to get anything productive done when your personal and business files are piled together as well as strewn throughout the house. When this is the norm, it is only a matter of time until a deadline is missed, that important call back if forgotten, or you neglect to file your taxes on time!

Here are some simple, but effective ideas you can implement right now to get your office organized.

Clean Up Your Workspace And Your Computer

Organize Your Home BusinessA messy desk is not the sign of a clean or organized mind. Quite the opposite is true. The same holds true for your computer.

A cluttered and disorganized computer desktop can not only make your computer work slower but it can also make finding anything on your computer exceptionally difficult. Take time to go through and delete unused or unwanted files to increase the amount of storage space you have available and then organize your documents into clearly labeled files. Keep your business files separate from your personal files.

Have multiple folders that divide your information by topic to help you prioritize and manage your work. A cluttered desktop can make you feel as if there is too much going on to handle a task. Some simple organization makes everything more manageable.

After you create an electronic filing system that makes sense to you, move any old files that you do not use or need any more to the trash. A good rule of thumb: If you have not modified the file in the last six months, you can probably get rid of it. Back up all the files you choose to save so that you do not lose anything you need.

If you are unwilling to trash your old files, put them on a thumb drive. That is a simple and inexpensive solution.

Consolidate Your Calendars & To Do Lists

If you a physical calendar for your business that is hanging on the wall with everything scribbled out, now is the time to make everything digital.

With any calendar system that is on the cloud, you have the opportunity to access and edit it from any device you use. Programs like Outlook and iCal make it especially easy to organize your day-to-day activities with your to-do lists and tasks by combining them for you and offering reminders and alerts.

Even though I use an Apple computer with Outlook, I use Google Suite (GSuite). It gives me email, multiple calendars, tasks, and more. I use the Google tasks for lists and planning. My day-to-day task manager is Todoist.

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