Odds And Ends Vol 1 Issue 21

  • Moved my other site over to the new hosting company.
  • I had planned on doing it over the Labor Day weekend, but the opportunity presented itself and I went ahead.
  • There are always unintended consequences when moving a 500+ post site. For example, most of the images did not make it. I am surprised I did not catch that.
  • However, I am getting the site to a functional state.
  • The biggest issue was that the site resolved to the right domain name, but all the posts were still using the temporary site name. That took some time to resolve. Fortunately, the technical support folks at Blue Host were incredibly helpful.
  • The site is using the Extra theme by Elegant Themes. So, though there are differences between the theme on this site, there are a lot of similarities.
  • I intend to have the site up to speed by the end of the Labor Day weekend.
  • See you next week!
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