Odds And Ends Vol 1 Issue 19

  • We are officially on vacation! We are off for the week.
  • This will be a “stay-cation.” We will be making a series of trips to various places in central Massachusettes.
  • I am looking forward to the time to get out, drive around, and do a lot of hiking.
  • Also planning to get up on the ever growing reading pile.
  • Most of the posts for this week are written and scheduled.
  • A few years ago, I joined Elegant Themes. I like their themes and plugins but it caused issues with one site. So, I did not renew the subscription. Since then I have changed hosting companies and I think that will eliminate the challenge. With that in mind, I set up a new subscription.
  • Elegant Themes has two plugins that are among the best. One for social media sharing and the other is their page builder for landing pages.
  • The Divi and Extra themes are also world-class.
  • Their products are used by many website developers, which I am not. There will be a learning curve to deal with. Their training materials and forums are excellent.
  • I am excited to have access to these resources available for both of the sites.
  • Update!
  • This past Friday I installed the Extra theme. It took me until Sunday to get a home page set up. This theme features easily surpasses my current level of web design ability.
  • Three weeks until Labor Day.
  • See you next week!

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