Vacation Is Not Optional

This is the first post in a new category, Life As A Solopreneur. It would be good to address this as a topic. Being a solopreneur is a different life. Therefore, the needs, demands, and rewards are different. I want to take some time to discuss this.

Working from home is different in and of itself. Being a company of one is also a bit out of the mainstream way of doing business. In fact, those two realities make everything different for the solopreneur.

I do not know what day of the week this topic will end up being scheduled to post on since I am rethinking the entire posting schedule. However, it is an important topic and of interest to me.

Vacation Is Not Optional

Taking a vacation is not optional. You just think it is.

Having this week off has been an eye opening experience for me. As the owner of a company which employs one person, I am the head chef and chief bottle washer. And for the last five years vacations have been optional. What I am learning this week is how wrong I have been.

I started and was the pastor of a church until 2012. For about a year after that, I was lost in the fog of life. Then, I started writing. Kind of a natural progression I guess.

Once I started writing and blogging, there was never enough time for a “real” vacation. There were times when I took off for a day or two, but nothing serious or organized. That is a poor idea.

I never really took the time to work on my business. I was always busy working in my business. Having time off this week has been relaxing, instructive, and necessary. It took me four days off just to realize that. Never again!

We need time away from our work. That separation allows you to rest, play, and think. We are going to take another week off in mid-September. This time, we are going to go out of town for at least five days. It will be a real disconnect from life and work as a solopreneur. I am looking forward to the time.

Just Do It

If you have been just grinding it out with a day or two off here and there, you may have to force yourself to take the time off. For me, it has been worth it many times over.

Try it, you will thank me for it!

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