Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep Your Eyes Open

“I’ve learned to keep my eyes and ears open, not just for the things that are front and center, but the patterns and ideas that are gaining popularity behind the scenes.” – Rakia Reynolds

It is imperative to keep your eyes open in today’s business environment. This post is part of the series 9 Habits For Home Business Success.

The speed of change in business is astonishing. It is necessary to pay attention at all times. If not, you will be left in the dust and consigned to irrelevance. This is particularly true of a business that exclusively operates online or has a strong online presence for marketing purposes. Things are changing rapidly. You must keep up to date. This does not mean you will follow every shiny object that appears on the internet, but it is wise to be as knowledgeable as possible.

You might say, “I am a home based business person. It is me against the world and my plate is full. There simply is not enough time.” I resemble that remark. But you have got to do something.

What Do I Do?

For me, reading is the best way to keep current. But I want my reading to come to me. I do not have time to go to dozens of sites to see what is going on. Enter Feedly. Feedly is a feed reader that can be organized to enable you to keep up with hundreds of sites without visiting them. I am not saying that I read hundreds of posts every day. It is effective for me to scan the headlines and then read the few that interest me.

You can get a free version which will more than suffice for most people. If you upgrade, the cost is minimal ($5.00 per month).

In an ever-changing business environment, you must learn to keep your eyes open.

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