Have A Compelling Vision

You must have a compelling vision for your business. It is essential in order to be able to overcome the storms that you will encounter.

A good vision statement is inspiring. It gets me going in the morning and keep me going into the evening when necessary. A vision keeps me in the game when business is a struggle. And it helps me stay grounded when everything is going well. My vision tells me why I am following my business plan.

Am I saying that you need to write a vision statement? Yes, I am. Relax, it is easier than you think. In fifteen to thirty minutes you can be well on your way.

Steps To Writing A Vision Statement

#1 Establish Your Parameters

Are you doing a statement for your entire business? Is the vision for one client or project? I wrote mine for my freelance writing and blogging business. There are some people who write a statement for the company as well as individual clients and projects.

#2 Set Your Time Frame

How far down the road are you looking? There is no absolute answer here, but you do need to look far enough down the road to get past the issues and challenges of the present. Avoid going out so far as to lose perspective. In 2017, I started with a one-year vision statement. Before this year is ended, I will write out a five-year vision.

#3 List The Accomplishments

What are you going to accomplish? Who will you serve? How will they be served? One of my accomplishments is to add three ongoing clients for my freelance blogging services.

#4 Write It Out

Put your thoughts into writing. Writing an idea down on paper or on your computer can have a crystallizing effect. It can bring about a lot of clarity.

#5 Rewrite The Vision

Take a day or two and then re-read your draft. What do you think now? Rewrite it, polish it up and hone the details. If you need, redo the statement several times until you are satisfied with it. Make this vision statement uniquely yours; because it is.

#6 Share It

I went over this with my wife as well as a friend. Their input was insightful. I rewrote the statement again! I am thinking about posting my vision statement for next year and beyond here on the web site.

#7 Own It!

Now you have your vision statement! Own it, read it daily, live it out. It is yours.

A vision statement is a clarifying, future facing document that helps to define and refine what your business is about and where it is headed. For me, it has been a great experience that forced me to consider what I wanted in my home based business. It also serves as the inspiration for my business plan. You should seriously consider writing one for your business as well.

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