Building Your Business Blog

This is the fourth post in the series Successful Business Blogging. Today, we are looking at techniques you can use to build your blog.

Establish Relationships With Your Readers

As you blog begins to gain traction and gain users, you will want to keep as many of these visitors as possible. You will want to interact with those potential customers.

Start by responding to comments. You can also post polls and questionnaires. Find a mix that works for you and your business.

This can create an environment in which your readers are engaged and interested. And is the perfect platform for your business blog to thrive.

Be Above Reproach

Your business blog will not do well far if you do not insist on taking the high road from the beginning. Ethical blogging can be complex. It goes beyond not copying material from other blogs and websites.

Be careful where you find images (pictures). Avoid taking images off of a Google search. Find a free stock site that allows you to use images for commercial purposes. Do an internet search for “free stock photos.” Then use a service like Snappa or Canva to add post titles and branding information. It is simple, easy, and free accounts are available.

Blogging ethics also includes ensuring your links are legitimate and not spamming readers or other bloggers. While building blog traffic does not happen overnight, holding the high road is one of the best ways to ensure that your blog has a long. productive, and healthy lifespan. This will help you in building your business blog.

Mix It Up

While 44% of B2B marketers have a content strategy, only 42% feel that the strategy is effective. Many experts believe that part of the reason for this perception this is true is that business bloggers aren’t diversifying their content enough. When you use your blog to share a variety of content types, you diversify the experience for users. This can lead to more readers, more leads, and more sales.

As you look at content marketing, consider subscribing to the Content Marketing Institute’s blog in your Feedly feed reader.

Take A Visual Approach

While it may not seem like videos have a place in a business blog, videos are some of the most popular content on the web right now. In case you needed proof, YouTube is uploading 72 new hours of video content each minute. As a general rule, visitors spend approximately 88% more time on sites that include video. What’s more, video earns a site 3 times as much traffic as other types of content and consumers are a whopping 46% more willing to seek out additional information about a product, good, or service after being exposed to an online video.

Although has not been a strong point for me in the past, I do plan on getting involved with video and podcasting in 2018.

Along with that, infographics can help spice up the content you publish by adding a visual flavor on your website. Attract more readers and viewers with content that’s visual as well as typed.

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