Build Your Freelance Writing Business

Today, in the series, 3 Steps To Becoming A Freelance Writer, we look at the subject, Build Your Freelance Writing Business.

Consistently seeking out prospective clients is extremely important when starting out. Otherwise, you will not find those few jobs that can get you on your way. However, you should also have one eye on how your business is going to develop. The sooner you hone and perfect your approach, the better it is for your growth.

Learn to Negotiate

In submitting pitches your hope is that a prospective client will be interested and offer you a job. If they do you will be required to state your rate. This is enough to paralyze any enthusiastic beginner freelance writer into inaction. I say that from personal experience.
However, setting and negotiating rates does not need to be an issue that hovers over you like a storm cloud. In reality, the application of a few simple concepts can give you the confidence to state a price that has been calculated in a reasonable and sensible manner.

Learn to Write Fast

If I had to single out one thing that has had the most impact on being able me to earn a living as a freelance writer, it is my ability to create content quickly.
I’m not just talking about my typing speed, although that is important). I am talking about the process of creating a blog post from that moment where you have an idea through to when you have finished writing it.
Your ability to work quickly has a direct impact on your ability to make more money. A $100 articles make you $100 per hour if it takes you one hour or it makes you $50 per hour if it takes you two. That is the simple math.
You must be able to complete writing assignments in a timely manner while maintaining quality content.

Write to the Client’s Standard, Not Your Own

An error that many freelance writers make is to write to their own standards rather than their clients’. This is especially costly when starting out on jobs that pay poorly. Nothing is more discouraging than spending hours on a job that pays pennies.
The point to consider is this: if you’re being paid pennies then the client is probably expecting work of an equivalent value.
I am not saying that you should do shoddy work. But I am saying that you should work to a standard that reflects the value of your compensation. That will keep the client happy and will take you far less time.

Be a Solution, Not a Problem

One of the keys you must understand about the working with your clients is that you are there as a solution, not a problem. You are there to save them time and provide a quality solution with minimal hassle. If you are not delivering on all fronts then you are making yourself a problem.
Your writing ability is only one consideration, in reality, a client will want you to deliver a quality product, as promised, on time, and consistently. If you produce brilliant work but you are consistently late or difficult to communicate with, the client is going to have a poor opinion of your value to them.
So whenever you are working with a client, remember that you must always be a solution rather than a problem. Blow them away with the quality of product and of service and your business will grow.

Build Your Freelance Writing Business

Work harder than other freelance writers. It is not that difficult. Take better care of your clients. Be a solution, not an obstacle. Stand out from the crowd.
Next week, I will finish this series up with a few concluding thoughts and ideas!
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