Be A Generous Business

Be A Generous Business

“The law of prosperity is generosity. If you want more, give more.” – Bob Proctor

As the series 9 Habits For Home Business Success, today’s post is Be A Generous Business. The concept here is to be generous with your customers AND your potential customers.

The internet is overflowing with sites that engage in sell, sell, sell. That is a turn off for most people. When you offend people with a hard sell approach, they will leave and not return.

Why not give away valuable content to your existing and potential clients? This is called teaching sells. One of the great pioneers of this is Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame.

Be a generous business, Supply your website with quality content that is useful to people. Build a following. When the time comes, you have built an audience of prospective buyers because you were generous from the beginning. People know you and your brand. There is a trust that has been established over time.

Make generosity a core value of your business. Always take the approach of never expecting anything in return. Yes, many will take advantage of the free stuff and never do business with you. But some will.

Build a solid reputation and there will be a valuable return.

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