Author: Jon Clayton

Odds And Ends Vol 1 Issue 1

Odds And Ends Vol 1 Issue 1 Starting this blog “over” is both exciting and unfortunate. A lot of material was lost. Some of it can be recovered from my feed reader. I will use a little of the previous material as I start some of the categories (Content Marketing and Freelance Writing). There is a tremendous amountĀ of behind the scenes work to be done. I must say that I am more excited about the opportunity than I am saddened by the loss. My intent is to publish fewer posts with more emphasis on quality content. Most of the...

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It Is Complicated

It Is Complicated On Tuesday afternoon (04.04.17), JClaytonWrites Blog died. It simply went away. I do not know what happened or how it happened. Some things are just a mystery. The main site, is still functional. My hosting company was not much help. Further complicating matters is that I have had that account for a long time. The files are cluttered from so many websites that I have had or built over the years. So, when the site disappeared and I came to the conclusion that the situation was beyond repair as a practical matter, I decided to...

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