Author: Jon Clayton

Be More Than Just A Writer

Be More Than Just A Writer This is the last post in the series, 3 Steps To Becoming A Freelance Writer, Be More Than Just A Writer. I have noticed an increasing trend in clients; they want more than just writers. In fact, few of the people I have worked with have simply wanted me to write and submit articles. Clients are more often than not looking for a bigger solution than that, they want the articles to be written, published and promoted. They want to make sure that their online marketing strategy is sound. They want their website to look...

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Put The Customer First

Put The Customer First In this series, 9 Habits For Home Business Success, we have come to the concept pf Put The Customer First. “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos What a great concept! Little wonder that Amazon dominates online sales or that 40% plus of American homes are Amazon Prime members. Here is another way to look at it if you are trying to build your business online; “audience-first.” Put...

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Linkedin Etiquette

Linkedin Etiquette This is a great infographic from Melonie Dordaro and Top Dog Social Media. If your feed reader does not display the infographic, please click here. Thank you for reading JonClaytonWrites. Writing For A Living, Working From Home, & Helping Others To Do The Same! Please feel free to express your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment....

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Odds And Ends Vol 1 Issue 10

Odds And Ends Vol 1 Issue 10 A few weeks ago, I saw a video clip of this young man who was about to graduate from high school. He had spent most of his high school years sleeping on the couches of friends or living in a homeless shelter. He was graduating with honors and a full scholarship to Harvard. That is amazing. His advice was to focus on where you are going, not where you are. That is some wisdom. It seems as we go through life, we can pick up a certain amount of baggage. There are hurts, failures,...

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Home Business Links Vol 1 Issue 9

Home Business Links Vol 1 Issue 9 Here are some links I found useful to my home business: Ebooks & Indie Publishing 6 Reasons Authors Should Be Guest Blogging (and 3 Ways to Find Host Sites) Your Five-Minute Guide to Pricing Your Self-Published Book A Word Count Guide for 18 Different Book Genres Apple/Tech News Apple previews iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever built, coming in December iPad Pro: What you need to know about the all-new 10.5-inch model Apple Piles On the Features and Users Say, ‘Enough!’ Blogging Blogging: the ultimate guide 13 Vital Tips and Hacks...

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