7 Pillars Of Content Marketing

7 Pillars Of Content Marketing

The seven pillars of content marketing is a series that will explore the subject of content marketing. This series will also give practical instruction on how to get started as a content marketer.

Content marketing is the most straightforward way for any business site or blog to build the authority of their website while bringing the organization’s goods or services into the marketplace.

Many stand in awe of the whole concept of content marketing and ignore the utter simplicity of the concept. This is one of the purest forms of “teaching sells.”

Teaching Sells Versus Selling Sells

Whenever you listen to a television show or tune in a commercial radio station, you are exposed to selling sells. This is a time tested and proven concept of producing a commercial in order to sell you service or product. And it works!

But, it is ineffective on the internet. People will just go to the next site. And you have lost a potential customer.

On the other hand, teaching sells offers the opportunity to create a bond with your potential customers or clients in order to create a relationship of trust and understanding. This relationship fosters trust and communication that is lacking in our high-tech digital world. You will have better and more satisfied clients or customers who are likely to purchase again and again.

The 7 Pillars Of Content Marketing

Here are the 7 pillars of content marketing:

  1. Know Your Customer
  2. Publish Your Content
  3. Build Your List
  4. Create An Initial Product Or Service
  5. Use Social Media To Amplify Your Message
  6. Optimize And Maximize
  7. Rinse And Repeat

Content marketing is an essential outreach strategy for building any business. We will go through each of the steps in detail in the coming weeks.

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